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    The Charles City Police Department serves approximately 7,800 residents who live here and many more who work and visit America's Hometown on a daily basis. The police department also serves all the residents of Floyd County through the daily operation of the 24 hour public safety communications center which provides public safety communications for all public safety agencies operating in the county.

    The police department consists of 14 sworn officers holding the positions of Chief, Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant, Investigator, Community Oriented Police Officer, and 8 patrol officers, 9 civilian positions that include a Communications Supervisor, 5 full-time dispatchers, 1 part-time dispatcher, 1 full-time police secretary/E911 Administrator, and 1 part-time Animal Control worker. In addition to these civilian positions, the police department is authorized to have 7 trained Reserve Officers.

    The police department is located with City Hall at 105 Milwaukee Mall, south of Clark Street and west of the public library. Our communication center answers all emergency calls placed to 911 in the county and will direct services to you in an emergency. All other non-emergency calls should be made to 641-228-3366.


The mission of the Charles City Police Department shall be to serve and protect the citizens of this community and all those under its jurisdiction. To preserve and enhance the quality of life in this community, by enforcing with pride, compassion, and professionalism the laws of this state, country, and city in a fair and unbiased manner.

Charles City Police Department
105 Milwaukee Mall
Charles City, Iowa 50616
(p) 641-228-3366

Confidential Tip Line: 641-257-6303

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